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Color Dogs (Wolves) Add On MCPE

Color Dogs (Wolves) Add On MCPE
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Ever wanted to change the colors of your wolves in Minecraft: Pocket Edition? Then here is the add on for you. Change your dogs color into red, blue, green purple, pink and many others. This mod turns regular wolves into Mutant Wolves that are stronger, bigger, and are dyeable. You can even ride these wolves like a horse!

How does the mod work?

This Colorful Wolves Add On works by replacing the Normal wolves in the game. That allows for the change in its color and size. You can find them in forest biomes or you can simply spawn one in the game using creative mode.

How do I use the Colorful Wolves add on?

  • On iOS / Android: Simply hold a dye color of your choice in your hand and long press it on a mutant wolf. Or you can tap on the Dye button that appears.
  • On Windows 10: Long press on a Mutant Wolf so you can apply the color to the dog! Or press on the Dye button.

How do I get this MCAddOn?

It’s easy to get this mod. Simply download the mod and tap on Open in Minecraft PE. Once you’ve tapped on this you will instantly see the behavior and resource packs are installing.

Installation Guide

1. Download Resource & Behaviour Pack .MCAddOn

2. Activate Both Packs on a new world.

3. Find a wolf and craft some dye. Tame the wolf and use the dye on it!

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