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Presents underneath a tree for Christmas Spirit.

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Winter (Season) Add On

Winter (Season) Add On
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The Winter Season is upon us and because of that there have been many Add-Ons created for Minecraft that have a Holiday or Winter-seasonal theme to it. This Add On will apply to every kind of biome including grass and leaves in addition to plains & forests. You probably won’t see these changes in the desert biomes.

With this Addon, you can easily get further into the Spirit of Christmas or just change the worlds to a winter-esque theme park that all of your friends can enjoy too (if someone has started a server).


  • Changes your world into a Winter Wonderland!
  • Chests are mini presents. They aren’t real presents but they look like them!
  • Larger chests are giant presents!
  • Each biome (except for desert) is Winter-themed.
  • Works on 1.0 – 1.2.7 of Pocket Edition


A few screenshots from the game will show you how this mod changes everything in the Minecraft world to a winter wonderland — just in time for the Holidays.

All chests in the game have been turned into red wrapped presents! Although there aren’t presents inside, the gifts look amazing for all sorts of purposes.

When adding two Chests together you get a bigger chest. Even these larger chests have been themed out for the Winter Season with it’s green present texture!


  1. Download Resource Pack (.McPack)
  2. Open Minecraft and press Settings
  3. Go to the Global Resources page after tapping the Settings button to find the Activate the pack button.

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