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John Cena Skin

John Cena Skin
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…And his name is John Cena! Dun dun dun dunnn! Dun dun dun dunnnn!

That’s right, folks. We have added the sought-after and fabled John Cena Minecraft Skin! Created by Tatopeque001, this Skin is from the ‘Summer Slam 2015’, according to it’s creator. As you can tell from the Skin, it is actually John Cena. The detail on this Skin is the reason we had to add it, as not many other Skins were able to show the facial structure of the main man himself.

Singing the intro “And his name is John Cena” will happen more than once after you switch your in-game Minecraft Skin to this one. It is available on both iOS, Android, and even Java Edition! Let all of your in-game buddies and fellow Minecraft players that you are indeed a true JC fan!

>Download Skin (Pocket Edition/PE) <


How to apply the John Cena Skin

To get the John Cena Skin, you need to first learn how to get a skin. This can be done by visiting our How to change your Skin page. Once you’ve learned how to apply your Skin and have permission to — download the Skin to your device and apply it via in-game on MCPE.

Overview of the Skin

John Cena is an American wrestler, rapper, actor and a reality tv show host. This Skin showcases his look from the Summer Slam of 2015, which is a WWE event. You’ll be able to tell all of your friends and fellow players in-game that you are a true fan of this star.

Created by: Tatopeque001

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Pocket Edition:

To use this Skin all you need to do is press the Download Skin button. Once pressed, save the skin to your photo Library. Then open up Minecraft: Pocket Edition app and go to the Skins page. Tap Custom Skin and upload the saved picture!


All you need to do is tap the Change Skin button and sign into your Minecraft account. You will then have that skin on your account!

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