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Custom Mods for Fortnite (Updated for 2018)

Custom Mods for Fortnite (Updated for 2018)
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Fortnite is a new game brought to you by an awesome game development company called Epic Games. The game has two different modes: Battle Royale and Save the World. In Battle Royale, your goal is to win the game after a massive battle against players from all over the world. In Save the World, you must win and play smart against a ton of monsters.

With it’s immense popularity, Fortnite: Battle Royale has tons of more game modes that have been added such as Solo mode, Duo mode, Squad mode, and most recently, Food Fight, where you battle against the other team in a super fun fashion of building a base as fast as you can and protecting your restaurant. In Save The World, your job is to, well, save the world. You join a game by yourself or with a few friends to fight a swarm of zombies and other monsters.

Battle Royale Mods

Battle Royale is the most popular gamemode as it is currently free and always will be. The game offers V-Bucks for players that like to buy outfits and emotes but you cannot purchase any items that will give yourself an unfair advantage over the other players. Which brings us to our next subject: mods.

Because of the online mechanics of the game, there are currently no mods for the Battle Royale version of Fortnite. The game is purely online and you cannot modify the game in any way (unless you want your Epic Games account to be permanently disabled).

You have to play versus other players at all times in this gamemode so you won’t be able to open the game up in your own personal client, for instance. Not only would that be impossible to do, it would be quite boring. Playing by yourself isn’t the point of Battle Royale. You’re trying to win.

Save The World Mods

Although there will never be any mods made or available for Battle Royale, we have a feeling Save the World might be a little different in the future. Because of the way STW currently works, you can only access it online. But if (and that’s a big if) Epic Games makes Save the World available offline, there will most likely be some PC mods made for it as players will be able to do whatever they please with the game. It won’t affect other online players like Battle Royale would, so we don’t see why they would severely limit the game that way.

Imagine a world where you can fly around shooting zombies or change those zombies into another character entirely. That’s a world I would enjoy playing. We’re just going to have to wait until Save the World becomes free for the world before there is any debate about whether mods will be available for it.

Utilizing Garry’s Mod, I’m sure there will be some modifications added so that Save the World will be playable in that bizzare world of mods.

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