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Getting Lucky Blocks

Getting Lucky Blocks
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After you’ve followed our guide to downloading the Lucky Block Mod, there are several ways of actually getting yourselves some Lucky Blocks in-game! It will also depend on if you’re on Pocket Edition or on Computer/Mac. If you are on PC, follow this quick guide below or visit our Videos page to see a video on it!

Naturally on Pocket Edition/PC Edition:

Lucky Blocks can be found throughout the world once you’ve installed the mod. You will just be walking around trying to find some animals and BAMN! You’ll find a Lucky Block just like you would some Pokemon. Be careful, though. If you’re unlucky you might not make it alive from a boss spawn such as a Wither or some Zombies!

Crafting on PC Edition (Java Edition):


To craft a Lucky Block on PC is fairly easy. Just get 8 gold ingots and a dropper. You’ll be able to craft a Lucky Block in a crafting table with this recipe. So if you’re like us and you like playing on Survival mode, this is an awesome way to get yourselves some Lucky Blocks the right way.

Increasing Luckiness on PC Edition (Java):


To increase your Luck you will need to craft yourself a Very Lucky Block using the recipe you see above. Using these will lower your risk of being blown up or attacked by a mob.

Unlock Blocks:


To decrease your luck and increase your chances of being attacked by a monster, use the recipe shown above.

Spawning on PC/Mac Edition (Java):

To spawn in a Lucky Block is very simple. Just open up your inventory (by pressing E on your keyboard), and scroll all the way down your Blocks tab. You will see the Lucky Blocks here. Take 64 of the Lucky Block and you can take a few of the Very Lucky Block and the Unlucky Block. This will allow you to use the Lucky Blocks as you please. As we’ve said in other posts, the best way to do this is by starting in Creative Mode and then switching over by using the /gamemode 0 command.

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