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Lucky Block Possibilities

Lucky Block Possibilities
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When you get the Lucky Block Mod you’ll realize all the different possibilities that can happen after mining it. There’s a ton of lucky outcomes and a ton of unlucky outcomes. Here are we have decided to compile a list of them, depending on whether you are getting it for PC or for Pocket Edition.


Giant Mummy:

This giant mummy won’t attack you but it looks scary, doesn’t it? This mob is probably the tallest mob you will ever see spawned into Minecraft. We love when we get this from the Lucky Blocks as it’s a sure thing you haven’t been gameover’d (yet).



Lucky Villager:

The Lucky Villager outcome is an awesome one. This villager has insanely strong and helpful items for trade. Make sure to find what he needs as owning one of the coveted Lucky items is always worth it.


Baby Command_Mods

One of the lucky block chances will create a mini version of you with your skin included! It’s an amazing feature to see a baby version of yourself and with the Lucky Block Mod you can have it!


Look up… It’s an Anvil!

If you get unlucky (like us) you’ll get locked in a cage and an anvil will fall on your head. Game over.



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