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How to join a PE Server on 1.0+

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Minecraft recently updated Pocket Edition to version 1.0 plus and with this update they have changed the way that you join Servers. To join a Server now you must first register or log in to an Xbox Live account by Microsoft.

Now there are only a few steps to joining. The steps are that you need to register/login, find the Servers tab, and tap Add Server. Then fill in the IP Address and Port number from a server listing and you can join it! If you want to stick with the three servers Minecraft is showing like InPvP or Lifeboat, you can tap on one of those as well.

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Step 1:

The first step to joining a Minecraft server is by opening Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your tablet or phone and then by tapping the Play button. This may be obvious to some but some other folks might want an in-depth step-by-step guide to this.

Once you have opened up the game and have found the usual Play button as pointed to, you will then see three tabs. The tabs are Worlds, Friends, and Servers.

Step 2:

Tap on the third tab over labeled Servers. This is the tab that will allow you to join and add several different Servers to the Minecraft game.

The Friends tab used to host Servers but with this update that has changed and in the Friends tab you will see friends from Xbox Live.

Step 3:

Once you are in the Servers tab you will have a few options on joining servers. Option one is to Add a Server. Option two is to join a server already listed by Minecraft. Option three is to start your very own Realms server.

Option 1:

You can tap Add Server which will allow you to join ANY server ever made (as long as it is online).

Option 2:

You can choose from one of three servers already added to the app by Minecraft. These servers include: Lifeboat, InPvP, and Mineplex.

Option 3:

Create a Realms server so that you can join your friends on building a world. Be warned, however, that this one costs money!

Step 4:

You will need to register for an Xbox Live account or login to an existing account to play on any Minecraft server. If you are under the majority age in your country you may need an adult’s permission/help to register. This is to make sure you are given permission to join Servers as well as for your username used in-game. For example, if your Xbox Live username is BananaGame33 then your in-game name for joining Servers will be BananaGame33.

Step 5:

After logging in or registering successfully, it is time to join a Server! Now simply tap on a server you added or one of the three servers listed by Minecraft and wait to login! Now you can play with your friends or simply with other players on the Server.


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