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How to start your very own Minecraft PE Server

Starting your own Minecraft: Pocket Edition is super easy. All you need to do is pay for Minecraft Realms or have a server hosted by another Minecraft server site.


You can start your very own server for 24 hours (it only lasts 24 hours), and you can even invite your friends or family to it! Let us teach you how to join your own server and if you like it, you can get Minecraft Realms and have your server last as long as you are on Realms!

What is Minecraft Realms?

Minecraft Realms is a server hosting service, brought to you by Minecraft themselves. Mojang has set out to make joining servers with your friends a breeze. They have done it this time by even bringing together Pocket Edition players! Now you can join Pocket Edition Realms with your friends (as long as somebody joins it)!

The Realms currently offered can hold many players at once, at exceptional speeds. You will be glad to know there is virtually no lag and inviting your friends to the server is easy too.

How else can I get a MCPE server?

You can get a server by joining another server site. There are lots of them around, including NetherBox. NetherBox is a site we have used previously and can actually say they provide everything possible to running a server and even add plugins and mods to it.

You said I can get a server for free (lasting only 24 hours)?

Yes. You can get a server for free that will last a whopping 24 hours. You can invite up to 10 friends or family to the server and you will be able to control the weather, the time, and even whose an OP or not!

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