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How-to: Tornado Mod

To get the tornado mod is fairly simple. First make sure you are using the PC version of Minecraft.  If you don’t have a PC, ask a parental guardian if you can use their computer! Show them this page after you have them download Minecraft and have signed up and logged in.

Step 1: In the Minecraft Launcher click on Edit Profile. Change Use version to 1.6.4 by scrolling down the dropdown menu. The Minecraft game needs to opened at least once before we begin so make sure to press Play once you press Save Profile. Once the Minecraft game starts you can close it right away.

Normal Profile




Step 2: Next it’s time to download Forge. Visit forge by searching for Forge 1.6.4 on Google or by tapping the link below. Make sure to download version 1.6.4. Tap here* to download forge 1.6.4 for PC or Mac. Under Installer will be the download link as shown below.



Step 3: Double-click on the .jar file that downloads to your computer from Forge. It should open up a Java window for you that looks like this. Click on OK.



Step 4: On Windows 7, 8, 10, find your .minecraft folder by opening up your start menu and typing in Run. Once you’ve typed in Run, type in %appdata%.minecraft and you’ll be in your .minecraft folder. Or you can just type in %appdata%  in the Run program and find the .minecraft folder. Once you’re in the .minecraft folder move onto Step 5.

On Mac, open up Finder and at the same time, hold down the alt key and click on the Go menu at the top of the screen and find the Library option on the dropdown. Then find the minecraft folder. Open that up and move onto the next stop.

Step 5: Now create a new folder called mods if you haven’t already in the .minecraft folder. Place the Tornado Weather Mod files into the mods folder. You can get the Tornado Weather Mod by clicking/tapping here* or by visiting and finding the tornado mod. Once downloaded, copy over all of the .zip files you’ve downloaded directly into the mods folder.


Step 6: Open up Minecraft once again and on the bottom left change your profile to the Forge profile in the dropdown. Once you’ve done this you’ll be ready to play! Start up Minecraft like you would normally do, create a new world (this is important as you cannot us newer versions of Minecraft with your 1.6.4 Forge version.)



Step 7: Visit the Other tab in your Inventory (on Creative Mode) and scroll down. You’ll have access to all of the Tornados!


Step 8: Enjoy! Make sure to leave us a review if this helped you. If you need help make sure to visit the Request a Mod button and we’ll get back to you or you can leave a review and we may try to respond.

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