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Chests Pets Add On Mod – PE

Here is our first Pets Mod Add-On! Now you can install directly to Minecraft: Pocket Edition without any other apps! All you need to do is download the Behaviour Pack and the Texture Pack and they will both open directly into your game. Make sure to start a New World and select both of these packs. You won’t be able to use the Add-On until you start a new world and Select them!

Creator: Gona
Updated: 4 February, 2017

How does it work?

This awesome Chest Pets Mod allows these magical chests to be placed all around the game. How you ask? They replace pigs. So the chests will have a total of 15 health and if you attack the chest, you may get hit back (5 attack damage, ouch)!

Killing a chest pet will make it drop the same items as found in either of the following chests:

  • Abandoned Mineshaft Chest (Chance: 15%)
  • Desert Temple Chest (Chance: 10%)
  • Jungle Temple Chest (Chance 10%)
  • End City Treasure Chest (Chance: 5%)
  • You can tame a wild chest by feeding it either of the following items (tame chance: 33%). Once it is tamed it will follow the player.

    • Emerald
    • Coal
    • Diamond
    • Redstone
    • Gold Ingot
    • Iron Ingot
    • Lapis Lazuli

    There are even dangerous Chests! Be cautious of these chests, as they may not be so friendly. They replace Creepers so when they attack/explode, you may get hit with a higher attack. As always, stay indoors at night!

    • Replaces creepers
    • Health: 15 hearts
    • 25% faster than a normal creeper
    • 25% faster exploding
    • Drops loot-table-chest items

    A tamed chest pet (the one which replaces pigs) is basically a mobile storage container (27 available slots). It will follow you around and you can use it for storing blocks and items. It works very similar to an ordinary chest except that it got legs and can walk.

    Another cool thing is that you can throw items at the chest pet and then it will automatically store them in its inventory.

    To open chest:

    • iOS / Android: Long-tap on it and press Open
    • Windows 10: Right-click on it

    If you don’t want it to follow you around then you can tie it to a fence post using a lead.

    The best thing about it is that it’s immune to damage once it has been tamed. This means you will never lose your items!


    1. Download Resources .McPack
    2. Download Behaviors .McPack
    3. Add packs for a world in-game. Make sure to START A NEW WORLD!
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