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Christmas Chests PE Mod (0.13.2)

Christmas Chests PE Mod (0.13.2)
4.3 (85.67%) 60 votes

This holiday mod changes your normally used chest to a Christmas chest! This is really great for many reasons. For one, you’ll notice a slight graphical interface change when you open up the chest. The other reason is it looks like a present!

How to craft the Christmas Chest

The chest can be found in your Creative-mode inventory or it can be crafted in Survival Mode.

  • To craft it in Survival mode you will need 6 red wool + 2 cobblestone + 1 chest
  • To use the chest simply place it on the ground and use it like you would a normal chest. A different graphical interface themed out for Christmas will appear and you’ll be able to use the chest as you need.

    In an upcoming update you’ll be able to get randomly generated Christmas gifts every 4 minutes! This will really give this Pocket Edition Mod the holiday spirit you’ve been looking for — as you’ll receive lots of great gifts all the time! Make sure to return to or the PE Mods Pro app before next Christmas so you can get the updated mod.

    Installation Guide:

    1. Download the Mod and Texture .zip files
    2. Use a .zip extractor such as ES File Explorer.
    3. Using BlockLauncher, install the texture pack (
    4. Also using BlockLauncher, import the PEMod Script downloaded in the .zip file.
    5. Make sure to restart BlockLauncher and enjoy!

    Christmas Chest MCPE Mod Download Link

  • – 725 KB
  • Please note, this is a third-party link as described in our terms of service and privacy policy.

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