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Meteors – PE Mod (0.13.1)

Meteors – PE Mod (0.13.1)
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The Meteors Mod is amazing. It adds 9 different meteors — all of which can fall right from the sky! This can be extremely awesome to unleash havoc into your peaceful Minecraft: Pocket Edition world. This mod can be enabled or disabled at any time using a simple command. These meteors can be really dangerous so make sure to only use on worlds where you expect everything to be destroyed at some point.

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  • How does this PE Mod work?

    To start, type in this command /met start

    From this point forward you will see meteors fall from the sky at random places in the world. There will be broadcasting news which will start as soon as you type in that command. The broadcasting news will warn you whenever there is a meteor coming down in your area. Even though some meteors have lava spilling out the side of it, it can still be good as it has lots of valuable ores such as gold, emeralds and lapis lazuli.To turn off the meteors, type in /met end

    If you’re feeling brave and want a meteor to spawn in your area, type in /met create

    Lets check out the kind of meteors there are:

    There are 9 different kinds of meteors. We have listed some here so you’ll hopefully be able to figure out the rest.

    1. The first one is the normal meteor. This meteor is the most likely to hit your world. It has two sizes — small and medium — and usually contains iron ore, lava, and coal.

    2. The second meteor is the Snow Meteor. This meteor has exactly what comes to mind: Snow! It also has lots of ice in the mix. This meteor doesn’t wreck too much havoc.

    3. The third meteor is the fire meteor. This meteor has fire and lava. It also has coal, iron, gold, and lots and lots of lava.

    4. Monster Meteor

    5. Glowstone Meteor

    6. Nether Meteor

    7. End Meteor

    8. Man Made Meteor

    9. King Meteor

    10. Popper

    11. Fire Popper

    Installation Guide:

    1. Download the Mod and Texture .zip files
    2. Use a .zip extractor such as ES File Explorer.
    3. Using BlockLauncher, install the texture pack (
    4. Also using BlockLauncher, import the PEMod Script downloaded in the .zip file.
    5. Make sure to restart BlockLauncher and enjoy!

    Meteors Mod – MCPE Mod Download Link

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